At Atlanta Sausage Company, our exceptional sausages
and meatballs are delicious gourmet fare–absolutely perfect for everyday and every special occasion–and we serve the finest restaurants, hotels, and wholesale food distributors nationwide.


Authentic Quality Means Delicious Results

We use only the finest cuts of meat from domestic sources–
lean pork butts and shoulders, and top-quality cuts of beef, chicken and turkey–and wonderfully fresh herbs and spices. All of our sausages and meatballs are proudly produced in small batches, and most importantly, we never use or include extenders, fillers, artificial flavorings, low-quality trimmings, BHA, BHT, MSG, or nitrates.


Many Varieties and Perfect Choices

We believe in giving you the perfect choice! All of our sausages are available in bulk, or stuffed into a variety of casings, and all are available raw or cooked.

Tasting Is Believing!

Our sausages and meatballs are exceptional in every way and tasting is believing! Contact us anytime for more information, to request samples, or to find out how we can work with you to create your own custom blend or private label.

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