Atlanta Sausage Company's exceptional meatballs are perfect everyday, and every special occasion. They are a delicious gourmet addition to your specialty hors d'oeuvres, spaghetti and meatballs, meatball subs, and as a pizza topping.


The beef in our meatballs is made from cuts of all-domestic, pure beef and the pork in our meatballs is made from all-domestic pork butts and shoulders. All of our meatballs are made with fresh eggs and real spices, and our traditional Italian blend of beef and pork are delicious, meaty and lean with homemade flavor and texture. No flavorings or extracts. No MSG, BHA or BHT.


Italian Meatballs


Blended Beef and Pork



Exclusive Mama's Mouthwatering Meatball Recipe

Our Italian Meatballs are authentic and savory, with delicious homemade flavor. They are made from our exclusive Mama's Mouthwatering Meatball recipe, and we add only the finest Parmesan and Romano cheeses, farm-fresh eggs, and Italian breadcrumbs. They are cooked and ready to use, and provide 100% yield.

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