Atlanta Sausage Company's turkey sausages are flavorful, meaty and lean, and are made with all-domestic boneless, skinless, thigh and breast meat. Our turkey sausages are stuffed into your choice of sheep, collagen, or pork casings. (Other products use pork casings, even on turkey sausage.) No flavorings or extracts. No MSG, BHA or BHT. No Fillers or trimmings.


Each variety of our turkey sausages has a distinct flavor, and are all made with fresh seasonings and real spices. Our delicious turkey breakfast sausage is made using our own "Traditional Southern Sage" recipe.


Turkey Sausage

Available in Bulk, Rope, Links, and Patties

Turkey Sage, Turkey Sweet Italian, Turkey Hot Italian




Did You Know?

Atlanta Sausage Company is proud to offer a new line of reduced-sodium turkey and chicken sausages, with only
100 mg of sodium per ounce, or less. Contact us for more information.

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